Jarvis Landry learned some important Ravens-Browns history – (News)

Jarvis Landry learned some important Ravens-Browns history –

The story behind the birth of the Baltimore Ravens is not a happy subject in Cleveland, but it was not one that Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry was familiar with before Thursday.

Landry was three years old when the late Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore to become the Ravens after the 1995 season. The Browns returned to the NFL in 1999 and Landry was unaware of the history that ties the two franchises together until his media session ahead of this weekend’s game between the two teams.

“So really?” Landry asked, via Cleveland.com. “The Cleveland team became the Baltimore Ravens? … Damn. That hurt, didn’t it?”

Indeed it did and there’s been plenty more pain in Cleveland since the Browns resumed play. This year has brought some of the most positive results since 1999 and beating the Ravens to keep them out of the playoffs while giving the Browns a winning season would probably rank this year at the best since the return for many fans.