Jaret Edwards: “Ohio pitcher” strikes out every batter during perfect game

Updated: May 16, 2016
Jaret Edwards: Ohio pitcher strikes out every batter during perfect game

Jaret Edwards, a Cleveland-area high school pitcher threw the kind of perfect game that rivals most perfect games you’ve heard about.

Jaret Edwards, a George Washington commit, was pitching in the Division I Stronsville Sectional championship game, when he struck out every batter he faced en route to a perfect game and a 10-0 victory for St. Edward over John Marshall.

“He wasn’t ahead on every batter. It takes extreme concentration because if you miss a pitch, it’s a walk,” said Eagles coach Matt Rosinski, via Cleveland.com. “It was just absolutely amazing. I’d never heard of this before and I’ll probably never see it again in my lifetime.”

Jaret Edwards went on to win by the mercy rule in just five innings.

Because of that, Edwards fell just short of breaking the state record for strikeouts in a game with 21. It seems pretty safe to assume the pitcher would have come close to reaching that record, considering how zoned in he was on the strike zone.

Even though he fell short of state history, Edwards dominance is something that will be remembered.

“Of the 15 batters he struck out, 11 went down swinging. Edwards got a first-pitch strike on at least six of the batters,” the report read.