Jamie Zimmerman: ABC News Medical Analyst Dies in Drowning Accident in Hawaii ‘Details’

Updated: October 18, 2015
Jamie Zimmerman: ABC News Medical Analyst Dies in Drowning Accident in Hawaii

Jamie Zimmerman – a doctor and reporter for ABC News – has drowned while on holiday in Hawaii.

In a memo to staff, ABC News President James Goldston explained that she slipped while crossing the Lumahai River on the island of Kauai, reports The Associated Press. Her mother, Jordan Zimmerman, confirmed her daughter’s death on Facebook in a comment on Zimmerman’s final picture. Her mother wrote that she died on Monday.

“Sweet dreams, my darling daughter, my sweet pea, my role model, my pride and joy! I will love you forever!!” Jordan Zimmerman wrote. “As I repeatedly told you, I was thrilled that you lived life to the fullest. Always know that I will miss you every second, minute, and hour of every day. Until we meet again, my precious one!”

Zimmerman slipped into the water before 4 p.m. Monday and police were called after witnesses saw someone floating out to sea, police said. Lifeguards found her unresponsive and tried CPR when they brought her ashore. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Zimmerman was a researcher for ABC News’ medical coverage and offered meditation classes for her colleagues in New York. She loved traveling around the world and even made a documentary on Congolese refugees.

In her message, Zimmerman’s mother hoped that her daughter’s life and work will inspire others to make the world a better place.

“I hope my baby girl’s life will inspire you to take action to make our world better. It can be as little as sharing a smile or kind word or as big as your imagination and effort will allow. This is Jamie’s legacy. When you act upon this challenge, Jamie’s smile will light up the heavens. I am sure of it!”