James Jones murdered after being lured in by phony Craiglist Apple iPhone 6 ad

James Jones murdered after being lured in by phony Craiglist Apple iPhone 6 ad

James Jones Murdered While Trying to Buy an Apple iPhone 6 From a Georgia Craigslist Ad Posting

Chemistry student Jones, from Georgia, went to view the phone on Monday after being lured in with the advertisement which appeared to be genuine.

But it’s alleged Jones died in his car after meeting the ‘sellers’, with police later charging three men with murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

The men suspected of the 21-year-old’s murder are Jordan Baker, Jonathon Myles, and Kaylnn Ruthenberg, who have been detained but have not yet entered a plea.

Marietta Police officer David Baldwin told ABC News: “It was an illegitimate ad he was responding to and he did not know the sellers.

“The ad was posted in the hopes to lure somebody in, but obviously the victim didn’t know that.”

Police understand that once the victim was shot, his car went forward and crashed into a tree.

Investigators were initially called out to a suspected car accident before learning what had happened.

Jones’ brother Samuel Heath said: “My mother lost her son. My sister lost her brother. I lost my brother. So I don’t think we can put that into words.

“There was a lot of heartache.”

In a university-wide email to students, officials said:

This is a devastating loss for the Clark Atlanta University family. Mr. Jones was a serious scholar and a kind, engaging spirit whose work and comportment spoke well of the University’s core values and those long ago instilled in him by those contributing to his upbringing,” the email said.

  • penny3333

    There have been way too many deaths dealing with Craig’s list, perhaps it’s time to take that site down, permanently.

  • sharkbyte

    Did these idiots not read about the last failed attempt at this? You have to wonder what can anyone committing these crimes actually be thinking. This poor kid all excited to get his iPhone and this is what he gets from a group of useless scum.