J.J. Watt finally met his celebrity crush, Jennifer Aniston ‘Picture’

J.J. Watt finally met his celebrity crush, Jennifer Aniston - Picture

J.J. Watt, 26, is one lucky guy! The pro football player got to take a picture with Jennifer Aniston.

Most people admire their celeb crushes from afar as Watt had been doing with Aniston via social media. The Associated Press noted that despite Watt’s birthday wishes and marriage proposals to the actress on Twitter the two had never actually met, but that changed on Monday.

While in Los Angeles the Houston Texans defensive end, who is represented by the same talent agency as Aniston, expressed his “lifelong goal” of meeting the Friends star and it happened.

Watt couldn’t contain his excitement about the in-person meeting and posted a picture with the 46-year-old actress on his Instagram account.

“It was incredible,” Watt said on Tuesday. “She was very sweet. Her initials are J.J. too, so it was really cool.”

The athlete’s name is Justin James and Aniston’s is Jennifer Joanna.

“I shook her hand instead of hugging her,” he said. “Then I left the room without proposing. It was a complete disaster.”

Unfortunately for Watt, Ms. Aniston has already said yes to another marriage proposal and is engaged to actor Justin Theroux, but the guy can still dream.