International admiration

Updated: September 23, 2014

The FA is a world leader in coach education, according to the latest candidates through the door at St. George’s Park.

Twenty-eight coaches from 18 countries have enrolled on the FA International Licence course – and have been speaking of their admiration for the programme.

Lisa Cole is the chair of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Women’s Committee.

Speaking to, she said that the quality of The FA’s coach education work means it is now the prime choice for coaches from across the world.

“I think The FA is leading the way in coach education,” she explained.

“There’s some exciting things happening in other countries like Spain and Germany, but I still think that when you think about coach education and the quality I think England is the place to go.”

The 18 Countries

Algeria, Brazil, Canada, China, India, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, Uganda, Egypt, Afghanistan, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Her views are shared by former South Africa international defender Ricardo Katza.

Katza’s admiration of English coaching philosophies and youth development programmes led him to single out The FA course five years ago.

“I remember clearly in 2009 I saw The FA International Coaching Licence. I decided then that I wanted to do the course,” he said.

“This was a couple of months before I was set to sign my last contract for my club.

“I wanted to know more about the philosophies, how English coaches work in the youth structure. 

“I wanted to see how I can improve my players and myself as a coach.”

Over the duration of the 16-day course, candidates are given an insight into the work that goes in to developing coaches from FA Level 2 through to the UEFA B Licence.

Katza continued: “The one thing I have noticed about the English is that they spend a lot of time focusing on detail.

“Sometimes we do exercises with our boys at SuperSport and we just do it because it is a nice exercise.

The FA Bursary Scheme

  • Showcases the facilities at St. George’s Park around the world
  • Offers coaches the opportunity to enhance their learning in a world-class sporting environment
  • The FA works alongside partner organisations such as The Premier League, British Council and Premier Skills

“Here we learn that we need to spend more time in the detail and that if we get that right you will have better players and become a better coach.”

Also on the course is Le Dinh Chung, head of technical department at football for All in Vietnam – and one of nine candidates who has been selected as part of The FA’s Bursary Scheme.

Having grown up watching English football on black and white TVs after the liberation days in Vietnam, the opportunity to take the course as part of the scheme and to visit St. George’s Park marked the realisation of a long-held ambition.

“I am very proud to be selected as a bursary student of The FA course.

“Football is one of my passions and I love English football. 

“When I was really young I played football in the rice fields, in the pagodas in Vietnam and I used to play professionally.

“My ambition now is to contribute back to the development of both football and society in Vietnam with the coaching knowledge and skills gained from the course through networking, learning and sharing.”

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