Identical Triplets Born to Miles City Family – Watch

Identical Triplets Born to Miles City Family - Watch

Rare identical triplets born to Montana family, there’s roughly a one-in-a-million chance of it happening – but a Montana family grew a lot more quickly than it expected after having them in December.

Jody Kinsey and her husband, Jase, recently welcomed three boys — Cade, Ian and Milo — at the Billings Clinic, the Billings Gazette reports.

“To have a patient with spontaneous identical triplets is incredibly rare,” Dr. Dana Damron, a Billings Clinic maternal fetal medicine physician, told the Gazette. Damron characterized it as a one in a million chance, and the first case he’d ever seen professionally.

The doctor told the Gazette identical triplets conceived with fertility drugs are more common, as are spontaneous triplets that are fraternal, meaning they’re not all identical.

According to the Gazette, the children’s father is also the son of a twin, and the mother hadn’t ruled out a multiple birth.

The couple also has one older son, Jax, who is 6, the Gazette reports.

The triplets were reportedly born in “excellent” condition.