#ICYMI Monday – (News)

#ICYMI Monday –

[Editor’s note: We realize that you are more likely to visit non-work sites like this while working. Which means that, while not working, you may miss some stuff. Here’s what you may have missed this weekend while you weren’t working.]

Guy who quit on his team isn’t happy that his coach said he quit on his team.

A very important message to doctors and former NFL players about CTE.

Josh Rosen escaped a car accident without injury.

Demaryius Thomas escaped a car accident without injury.

Gronk has been hanging out at Gillette Stadium.

Washington knows it needs another quarterback.

San Antonio loves football.

Memphis doesn’t.

Tim Tebow is sticking with baseball.

Charlie Ward stuck with basketball, because he didn’t get drafted by the NFL.

Guy who wants a new team says it’s not about the money.

No one can cover Charles Johnson.

Break up the Iron.

Wearable technology could be the AAF’s long-term play.

Tag time is almost here.

Devin McCourty on why the Pats got it done in 2018.

Reggie McKenzie has resurfaced.

Dexter Lawrence plans to tell the truth about his PED violation.

Aaron Hernandez’s daughter won’t be able to sue the NFL.

Groundhog Day in Cincinnati.

Guy who doesn’t like Ben Roethlisberger (that doesn’t narrow it down very much) explains why.