IAB Statement


The following is an official statement from The FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board:

After an Inclusion Advisory Board meeting where a full, frank and open discussion took place, it was the unanimous view of every member that they could no longer work with Edward Lord in the spirit of professional respect, trust and confidence. These are fundamental aspects of how any team of people need to work together.

It is not about what Edward has stated publicly, but a matter and question of conduct and respect for colleagues. The group collectively felt that all trust in Edward, due to his repeated failure to work in the spirit of collaboration, had broken down irretrievably.

The full FA Board has now moved to support the IAB in the removal of Edward Lord with immediate effect.

The IAB continues to be advised by other lesbian, gay and straight allies on the Board (IAB).

The Inclusion Advisory Board is made up of the following members: Shelley Alexander, Graeme Le Saux, Joyce Cook, Rishi Jain, Rimla Akhtar, Peter Clayton, Thura Win, Paul Elliott and chaired by Heather Rabbatts.