Houston Dog Stuck In Jug : Houston-area family rescues dog with jug on head

Updated: November 25, 2014
Houston Dog Stuck In Jug : Houston-area family rescues dog with jug on head

Houston Dog Stuck In Jug Rescued After Over 2 Months In Confine, A Houston-area family says they saw the dog around the property for weeks. The jug, which was open on both ends, was part of a pet feeder in Audra Bohannon’s barn. She believes the dog they call Bucky, short for bucket, got stuck while seeking food.

The jug was a gravity pet feeder that can be purchased at any pet store. Audra Bohannon said she believes the dog got it from her barn because he was lost and looking for food.

She told Local 2 she felt guilty when she first saw the dog running around with the jug.

“Every night I went to bed thinking about that dog and I really felt bad for him having that on his head,” said Bohannon.

She never gave up on the dog. Day and night, rain or shine, she would drive around her property on a four-wheeler looking for the puppy, and she even tried to catch him with fishing nets, but nothing worked.

Finally, one day she and her family were able to gain the dog’s trust and they grabbed him.

“We got him up here, cleaned him up,” she said. “He was flea infested, but other than that, he was just a little skiddish,” she said.

They named the dog Bucky — short for Bucket.

He’s a lucky Bucky who will now spend his life with the Bohannon family. Audra Bohannon’s brother and sister-in-law said they are hoping to adopt him. They are taking him to the vet first to see if he’s micro-chipped.

“The feeling I had waking up on Sunday morning and not looking out the window and not looking for that dog, that was a good, happy feeling,” Audra said.