Hong Kong subway system on time

Updated: November 8, 2014
Hong Kong subway system on time

If you are doing your research on transportation in Hong Kong and how to get around in the city, I bet you are seeing many articles pointing you to the MTR.

The MTR in Hong Kong is the city’s rapid transit system that consists of 155 stations. The network of stations literally cover most of the city’s urban area. In other words, you can go to many touristy places efficiently by using the MTR.

This guide is intended to give you a general idea on what it is and tips on how to save time and money while using the MTR.

One Of The Best Rapid Transit Systems In The World
Unlike many other subway systems in the world where they are often dirty and ugly, the MTR in Hong Kong is very well maintained and comfortable. Trains are always clean and there is air-conditioning all year long.

The vast network of underground passageways and exits for each station means you can get to the same platform from many places. Many stations even have exits that are inside shopping centres and buildings, so you don’t have to step outdoors.

The downside to the MTR in Hong Kong is that it tends to get extremely crowded during rush hours, especially at the main stations I will mention in a moment. People will push you to try to get into the train. I highly recommend you step aside and wait for another train if it gets too crazy. Since you are a tourist, you are not in a rush, let other people fight over the last inch to get in.

Most lines have a frequency of just a few minutes. Service hours vary for each line but generally service begins daily at 6AM and ends at 1AM.