Hokule’a Hawaiian canoe departs ‘D.C. for New York’

Hokule'a Hawaiian Canoe

Hokule’a departed the Washington Canoe Club Thursday en route to New York. The canoe is expected to arrive in Jamaica Bay, New York in early June depending on weather and safety conditions, to carry out a full schedule of public outreach and engagement.

Prior to departure, the crew had to lower both masts in order to clear low bridges.

While in the Washington, D.C. area, Hokule’a crewmembers spent time engaging the local community through various outreach opportunities including canoe tours, public talks, and presentations.

The crew honored the Native American tribes of Piscataway and nearby Alexandria before a week-long engagement in the nation’s capital. The arrival into Washington, DC was marked by a celebration at the Washington Canoe Club, attended by White House officials and members of Hawaii’s congressional delegation. Outreach highlights were presentations at the Smithsonian Institute, the National Institute of Health, the Pentagon, and the US Coast Guard. Meanwhile, various dignitaries and hundreds of local community members toured the canoe and learned more about the Worldwide Voyage. Most recently, the Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Catherine Novelli presented a message in a bottle on behalf of Secretary of State John Kerry to be carried to the United Nations for World Oceans Day on June 8.

  • A_Cole

    cool! It would be nice if they sail up the Hudson River to Albany or beyond so we get a chance to see it. My niece is marrying a Hawaiian in July, so I have a bit more interest in seeing this canoe than I normally would. I’m certainly not going down to the cesspool of socialist NYC to see it!