Hillary Furious : Clinton ‘Furious’ Over Bill’s ‘Part’ In Latest Epstein Teen Sex Slave Scandal

Hillary Furious : Clinton 'Furious' Over Bill's 'Part' In Latest Epstein Teen Sex Slave Scandal

Hillary ‘furious’ over Bill’s ‘part’ in latest sex scandal.
Former Secretary of State is incensed that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been tied to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who’s also at the heart of an investigation into Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual dalliances with a minor, the New York Post reported.

According to Pagesix : “Talk in Washington is that Hillary is furious with Bill about all this new information on Jeffrey Epstein,” said a DC insider familiar with both Epstein and the Clintons.Witnesses at Cuomo’s funeral on Tuesday told Page Six that Bill was “waiting by the front door for a long time” before the ceremony. “People assumed he was waiting for Matilda Cuomo. But then Hillary came storming in right past him.” Bill, the spy said, had been waiting for his wife, who didn’t look too happy with him.

Allegedly Bill Flew with Epstein on his private jet a lot between 2002 and 2005. Of course Bill Clintons fond relationship with Epstein came to a screaming halt when the allegations of sexual abuse came to light.

The multi millionaire is said to have passed around the young girl around to his rich and powerful friends, which included the Duke Of York.Roberts, who is now in her thirties and a mother of three children, has claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions when she was just seventeen.

After the allegations came to light, Prince andrew most likely was on the phone grovelling to the Queen.Bill Clinton still isn’t out of the woods, according to RT.com there where also numerous phones numbers which lead a trail back to the former presidents adviser Dough brand. There still isn’t enough evidence to suggest Bill Clinton was involved or did anything wrong.