Heigl on Dempsey : ‘I just can’t even imagine the show without McDreamy’

Heigl on Dempsey : 'I just can't even imagine the show without McDreamy'
Heigl on Dempsey : 'I just can't even imagine the show without McDreamy'

Katherine Heigl was just as surprised by Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy as everyone else.

“I just can’t even imagine the show without McDreamy,” Heigl said. “I just can’t. It’s so hard to picture.”

Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed off Grey’s Anatomy last season amid rumors he was feuding with creator Shonda Rhimes. There were allegations he was fired for his “diva” behavior and even speculation he had an affair with an intern. Either way, his exit was so abrupt that it shocked both fans and his fellow co-stars.

Katherine Heigl, of course, also left Grey’s Anatomy in 2010 after reportedly fighting with Rhimes. The actress famously withdrew her name from awards consideration in 2008 because she felt she wasn’t “given the material … to warrant an Emmy nomination.”

And it’s clear that tension has not subsided in the years since. When Rhimes spoke to Hollywood Reporter about life on the set of her hit Scandal, she noted, “There are no Heigls in this situation. I don’t put up with bulls–t or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.”

So it’s no wonder Katherine Heigl has no plans to return to Grey’s Anatomy. When ET asked if there was any truth to the rumors Izzie Stevens could return to Grey Sloan Memorial, Heigl replied, “There is not, I’m sorry.”

It remains unclear if Patrick Dempsey will return to Grey’s Anatomy after his rumored firing. But if Shonda Rhimes is still mad at Heigl after all of these years, we doubt the producer will be willing to welcome Dempsey back on set, either.

In the meantime, Patrick Dempsey is focusing on his racing career and working as a producer. But he still has no plans to quit acting after his rumored firing. There’s even speculation he could appear on a new series this fall.