Hayden Panettiere: Star Cuts Her Hair After Postpartum Depression Treatment ‘Picture’

Updated: December 7, 2015
Hayden Panettiere: Actress Cuts Her Hair After Postpartum Depression Treatment

Hayden Panettiere debuted a gorgeous and shorter new hairstyle with her Twitter followers. The updated do comes on the heels of Panettiere checking herself into a center for postpartum depression.

This photo is one of the first she has shared with fans since she began treatment. I think we can all agree that she looks absolutely lovely — the hair is gorgeous, but it’s more than just about the hair. She looks happy and well and it seems she is making progress in her treatment. That is such a wonderful thing.

The 26-year-old said that this hair cut is like a purging for her — “off with the old and growing the new.” What a beautiful statement. This isn’t just a mom haircut — something that new moms often get criticized for when they have a baby — this is Hayden shedding things that she is carrying that she no longer needs, things to help her feel well.

The haircut is stunning, as is that sweater and the hat. Her skin has a beautiful dewy glow. That is the new mom glow we want to see from her — she is shining from the inside out. And that makes me feel happy and so thankful she sought out the help she needed. There are many times we all need a little help — we don’t have to try to brave it and go it alone.

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