Hall of Fame should waive waiting period for Belichick, Brady – (News)

Hall of Fame should waive waiting period for Belichick, Brady –

The Hall of Fame imposes a five-year waiting period before players and coaches can be considered for enshrinement. When Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady retire, the Hall of Fame should waive that requirement.

Presumably, both will retire at some point. Undoubtedly, both will get in after the five-year waiting period on the first try, with no debate. So why not put them in the moment that they’re done?

As MDS has pointed out, Brady has had two Hall of Fame careers — one before and one after his 2008 ACL tear. The same could be said for Belichick. Really, if both had retired five or more years ago, they’d already be in Canton. In the past five years, they’ve simply added more and more and more ammunition to what already was a no-brainer case.

So there’s no reason to make them wait, once they retire. (Arguably, there’s no reason to make them wait now; who could argue that they don’t deserve to already be in?) Hockey allows waiver of its Hall of Fame waiting period, and hockey has done it nine times. The NFL should have a similar provision, and know-it-when-we-see-it candidates like Belichick and Brady shouldn’t have to wait five minutes much less five years when they finally decide to walk away.

That topic, along with others, came up Wednesday during a return visit from Mike Tirico to PFT Live. You’ll hear more from Tirico on Wednesday night, when he makes his debut calling hockey on NBCSN, for the Blackhawks-Red Wings game.