Guy Martin’s Wall of Death breaks record for incomprehension “Watch”

Guy Martin's Wall of Death breaks record for incomprehension - Watch
Guy Martin's Wall of Death breaks record for incomprehension - Watch

Guy Martin broke the Wall of Death speed world record live on TV last night.

Guy Martin reached a speed of 78.15mph while driving on the biggest vertical Wall Of Death live on Channel 4.

The new speed smashes his previous record of 70.33mph.

The presenter and adrenaline junkie was also facing G-force of 5.2G as he carried out the stunt in a hangar in Lincolnshire.

And viewers hailed the 34-year-old as a ‘national treasure’ not only for successfully breaking his record but for being brave enough to have a go in the first place.

One said: ‘Guy Martin is just such an awesome guy. Down to earth crazy mofo just loves his speed!!!’

Another fan gushed: ‘How does Guy Martin sit down with balls that big?’

‘Well done @guymartinracing for setting a #WallofDeath world speed record you are a national treasure!’ another comment read.

Ken Fox, Guy’s trainer, compared the stunt to the ‘Colosseum’ saying: ‘You expect to see lions and gladiators.’

Martin described the attempt as ‘the toughest thing I’ve ever done.’

Speaking of what could wrong ahead of the live event, he joked: ‘My mum and dad are coming, my mates from racing are coming, boss, boss’s missus…it’s going to be a right night.’

And a right night it was.

Guy Martin wasn’t only one to break a record. He was joined by rider Shanaze Reade who broke a world record on the Wall Of Death with a speed of 26mph, one mile over the previous record.

She shared a lovely picture of her and Guy together with their World Record certificates.