Guinness will finally stop using fish guts to purify their beer; now vegan-friendly

Updated: November 4, 2015
Guinness will finally stop using fish guts to purify their beer, now vegan-friendly

Ever wondered why Guinness has such a smooth texture? One reason: fish guts.

Vegans and strict vegetarians will soon be able to sup a hearty pint of the black stuff, after Guinness revealed it will remove fish guts from the brewing process.

Guinness now says it will use a new filtration plant to be installed at its flagship brewery in Ireland at some point in 2016, reports the Independent, while it doesn’t yet plan to change its other breweries scattered across 49 countries.

The company had previously responded to requests to remove isinglass by saying it provides a “very effective means of clarification,” and as recently as January said in a company email to Barnivore, which tracks animal ingredients in adult beverages, that it had yet to find a replacement “as effective and as environmentally friendly.” No word yet on what it’s come up with.

Parent company Diageo has said that competition from microbreweries flattened its sales in 2015. Meanwhile, many popular beers, including Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, and Miller, are deemed vegan-friendly by Barnivore. (Guinness lovers may want to check out one of Starbucks’ latest latte flavors.)