Gronkowski continues to ponder his future – (News)

Gronkowski continues to ponder his future –

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said after the Super Bowl that he’ll take a week or two to decide on his future. Which suggests that he’s made the decision, and that he’s simply waiting for the right time to announce it.

Gronkowski appeared last night on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Gronk once again did not give an answer to the question of whether he’s calling it quits.

“First off, I got to see where I’m at,” Gronkowski told Fallon, via SportsBusiness Daily. “Right after a season, you can’t make a decision. It’s so emotional, big win like that. You got to settle down, you got to see how your body responds.”

Gronkowski added that he was so bruised up after the Super Bowl that he couldn’t make it to Fallon’s show on Monday night, when he was originally slated to appear.

Although Gronkowski, who limped off the field after taking a helmet to the thigh in the first half of the Super Bowl, escaped the game without a significant injury, he may be looking to avoid any and all exposure to serious injuries in the future.

“There’s buzz everywhere that you’re going to be the next Hollywood action star,” Fallon said. Gronkowski’s acting chops leave much to be desired, but maybe he could grow into it. As pointed out during Thursday’s PFT Live, Arnold Schwarzenegger had only 17 lines in the original Terminator movie, and all of them were short. Gronk could break in via similar roles, adding dialogue as he gains confidence.