Gregg Williams takes “a lot of pride” in Breshad Perriman’s development – (News)

Gregg Williams takes “a lot of pride” in Breshad Perriman’s development –

Wide receiver Breshad Perriman flopped in his first three NFL seasons.

He was a first-round pick in Baltimore in 2015 and missed his rookie year with a knee injury. He returned in 2016 and caught 43 passes for 576 yards and three touchdowns in 27 games over the next two seasons before being released in September. He spent some time with Washington early this season and then made his way to Cleveland in October.

Perriman has played in nine games for the Browns and has 13 catches for 295 yards and a touchdown in those appearances. He’s been producing big plays of late with five catches for 188 yards and that score over the last three games and head coach Gregg Williams said on Thursday that he takes “a lot of pride” in helping to develop a player whose career got off to a bad start.

“He gets the credit for understanding to come in here to interview correctly,” Williams said. “He works so hard. It brings a smile to my face, you ask me another question about him because if you would have seen how he practiced today, he shifted gears a few times out there at practice when other people maybe not have gone as fast or as hard as he did. It caused people to kind of open wide eyes by look how hard he is working today. That goes a long way. Now, when your number gets called in the ballgame and you produce when your number gets called, everybody likes you even better and you do even more. His teammates have accepted that, too.”

Perriman will be seeing familiar faces in Baltimore this weekend and doing more of what he’s been doing over the last few weeks will not help the Ravens’ chances of getting the win they need to seal a playoff berth. That would be a bitter end for the home team and something else for Williams to feel good about as the year comes to an end.