Great White Shark Bondi : Second shark found in nets at Bondi Beach

Great White Shark Bondi : Second shark found in nets at Bondi Beach

Second Great shark caught off Bondi, a SHOCKING image of second shark found dead in the nets at Bondi Beach has emerged, just days after a Great White was discovered.

Ian Puckeridge discovered the dead shark tangled in nets at Sydney’s Bondi Beach Friday morning, just two days after another great white was found dead in the nets at the same location.

“It’s quite awesome to see them in the water when they’re alive, not so great when they’re dead and laying on the bottom in a net,” Puckeridge told 7News.

The discovery came after the remains of an 8-foot-long shark were removed from the net Wednesday morning. The shark was taken to the fisheries wharf in Sydney harbor for study.

“The shark was found during routine inspections by specialist contractors who carry out operations as part of the NSW [New South Wales] Shark Meshing Program,” a Department for Primary Industries representative told The Daily Mail Australia.

The department said Friday it needs to confirm the discovery of the second shark before making arrangements for its removal.

The shark discoveries come ahead of an expected big weekend for swimmers at Bondi Beach, with temperatures expected to approach 95 degrees by Sunday.Ben Hooper