Gordie Howe: Justin Trudeau pay respects to Mr. Hockey

Gordie Howe: Justin Trudeau pay respects to Mr. Hockey
Gordie Howe: Justin Trudeau pay respects to Mr. Hockey

Justin Trudeau on Friday took a moment to praise the career of Gordie Howe and said the former Red Wings legend strengthened ties between Detroit and Canada.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau says Howe’s career “inspired and gave rise to many, many dreams.”

The Hockey Hall of Famer died this morning at the age of 88.

Trudeau added that it was a “very, very sad moment for us all.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman called Howe a “remarkable athlete,” adding that “all hockey fans grieve the loss.”

Former Montreal Canadiens captain Yvan Cournoyer says he’ll never forget his first NHL game against Howe and his Detroit Red Wings.

As a 19-year-old, Cournoyer was in awe of Mr. Hockey. He was lucky that day because he didn’t have to line up against Howe, a job that belonged to teammate Gilles Tremblay

“He’d say ‘I’ll try my best but it’s hard,'” Cournoyer recalled Friday.

“He was not a dirty player,” Cournoyer added. “He was strong. He played hard. He wanted the puck. But I don’t think he was dirty.”

Cournoyer made the comments with a heavy heart, noting that so many top players from the old days have died in the last few years, including Canadiens Jean Beliveau, Elmer Lach, Dickie Moore and Tremblay.

Howe played against them all.

“He showcased the best of what Canadians like to think of ourselves as, highlighted both our national sport and our national identity on an international stage,” said Trudeau. “This is something that is a very, very sad moment for us all as we think about Mr. Hockey and the incredible legacy of inspiring generations that he leaves behind.”

Added Bettman: “Gordie’s toughness as a competitor on the ice was equalled only by his humour and humility away from it. No sport could have hoped for a greater, more-beloved ambassador.”