Glastonbury Festival responds to Kanye West petition – Watch

Glastonbury Festival responds to Kanye West petition

Glastonbury hates Kanye? The organisers of Glastonbury have defended their decision to let Kanye West headline their music festival.

A petition to cancel West’s Saturday headline slot and replace him with a rock band has gathered more than 120,000 supporters on

Emily Eavis, co-organiser of the festival and daughter of its founder Michael Eavis, has written an editorial for The Guardian in defence of the decision to book West for a festival that in the past has been headlined by such “rock” acts as Beyonce, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Curtis Mayfield, Moby, Basement Jaxx, Jay Z, and Stevie Wonder.

“I’ve seen people this week saying that Kanye shouldn’t appear because, in their opinion, he’s not a positive role model or because they think he’s too self-assured”, she writes. “We book our acts by choosing the best and most challenging musicians on the planet – not by applying some kind of arbitrary morality test … Ultimately, there is no question in my mind that we have got one of the greatest artists of his generation headlining, and we have no regrets at all about booking him.”

Eavis also explains that Kanye West, like all of the acts who play at Glastonbury, is being paid much less than usual so that money can instead be used “in support of Oxfam, Water Aid and Greenpeace as well as thousands of other worthy causes. We think that’s pretty great.”

135,000 tickets have been sold for this year’s event, and Eavis points out that “there were only four more requests for ticket refunds on the day after we announced Kanye’s performance than there had been the previous Tuesday.”

Neil Lonsdale, the man who started the petition, was interviewed by the BBC this week. He said, “I stand by my feelings about it, I don’t think he would be the ideal headliner. But I know that he’s going to play there regardless and in a way I’d be disappointed if the Eavis family did change it.”