Giuliana Rancic Weight: Star enjoys playtime with her son – but she’s so skinny

Giuliana Rancic Weight: Star enjoys playtime with her son - but she's so skinny

Giuliana Rancic continues to fuel speculation about her weight after posting a photo on Instagram on Thursday showing her enjoying some play time with her toddler son.

Giuliana, 40, looked strikingly thin as she played with her son Duke on the swing. She captioned the picture – which was taken by her husband Bill – with the words ‘It’s a good day’.

The mum has been criticised in the past for looking like ‘skin and bones’ after fans commented that she looked skinnier than usual during the awards season earlier this year.

The new pictures come after reports claim the size 0 star will ‘go an entire day with hardly any food in her stomach’ and drinks water with cayenne pepper.

Celebrity fitness expert Nicki Watersman warns Now readers: ‘Extreme sizes are leading women to aspire to a shape that could be dangerously unhealthy for their frame.’

However, Giuliana insists she ‘eats a lot’ and has a ‘fast metabolism’. She says of the focus on her body: ‘I think the best thing to do, honestly, is not even talk about it.’

Giuliana recently revealed she froze her eggs in an effort to tackle her infertility problems and that her and her husband have one last chance at giving Duke a biological sibling.
‘This could be our last shot,’ Giuliana said. ‘We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out.

‘If I don’t ever have another kid, I have to remind myself that I’m very fortunate to have what I have.’