Getting traded to New England was toilet bowl to Super Bowl – (News)

Getting traded to New England was toilet bowl to Super Bowl –

Kyle Van Noy was traded from the Lions to the Patriots during the 2016 season. New England went to the Super Bowl that season, and after the 2017 season, and after the 2018 season. Van Noy is enjoying himself.

Van Noy said on Pardon My Take that by getting traded from Detroit to New England, he felt like he was moving from the pits of the league to the penthouse.

“I’m gonna repeat what my friend said so I don’t get in trouble. He’s like ‘You went from the toilet bowl, to the Super Bowl,’” Van Noy said, via

Asked if by “my friend” he actually meant himself, Van Noy joked, “That was KVN. This is Kyle Van Noy. I’ve got like double personas.”

Van Noy said he could tell quickly that the coaches in New England knew how to get the most out of him, which the coaches in Detroit didn’t.

“Then when I got there, it was like, they had a plan for me,” he said. “Then that plan got bigger with how I played. With that being said, I didn’t know that to begin with because I’d been in Detroit, where I was kind of told ‘We don’t know where to put you.’ And I’m like, ‘Why did you draft me?’ I had my own coach telling me ‘I don’t know where to put you.’”

The Patriots have known where to put Van Noy, and where he’s ended up is the Super Bowl, in all three of his seasons there.