George Lucas mocks Fox News on ‘The Daily Show’ – Watch

George Lucas mocks Fox News on 'The Daily Show' - Watch

Jon Stewart brings George Lucas on The Daily Showto help him congratulate Fox News on “that time they were right.”

The segment started with Stewart taking his usual digs at Fox News, as he showed a conversation between Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz. Kelly insisted that the mainstream media doesn’t give them credit during the times that they get a report right, but then at the end, said she doesn’t care about it.

So, in honor of the times Fox News got it right, Lucas said he would only make movies that unquestionably honor America, like The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiably, American Exceptionalism Graffiti, Star Wars: The Reagan Missile Defense Version and The Clinton Menace.

“Fox News, may you live long and prosper!” Lucas said at the end.

The segment ended with Stewart showing clips of people praising Fox News… while on Fox News.

  • GypsyDanger

    Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  • Eddie85

    Virtually everything the far-left media and Sharpton said about Ferguson has now been proven to be a lie.

    • Hands up, don’t shoot? Lie.
    • Gentle giant? Lie.
    • Minding his own business? Lie.
    • Shot in the back? Lie.
    • Did not attack the police officer? Lie.
    • ‘Didn’t do nothing’ to the Asian shopkeeper? Lie.
    • Relatives did not try to start a riot? Lie.
    • Protests were “largely peaceful?” Lie.
    • National Guard would protect the business owners from looting…

    The case turned out like all the other Sharpton manufactured race riots of the past Crown Heights, Tawanna Brawley, Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Duke Lacrosse Boys, Fake Columbia University Noose sightings.. . .All of them proven bogus lies where the only racism was on the part of the race agitators like MSNBC’s Sharpton, the New Black Panther and other hate groups.