Frozen chickens, bees collide in fiery crash – Picture

Updated: February 4, 2015
Frozen chickens, bees collide in fiery crash - Picture

A big-rig hauling frozen chicken collided with a truck carrying bees in Southern California, igniting a fireball that quickly cooked the chicken.

“I mean hey, what else can you say but honey chicken,” said a nearby driver stuck in traffic.

The driver of the chicken truck was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, while the driver and passenger of the bee truck remained on scene to begin clearing the mess.

The bees swarmed near the hives, confused and agitated, creating a hazardous area near the scene.

“This isn’t normal for them so they don’t know anything to do but be defensive and sting,” said Lance Davis, owner of Killer Bee Removal and an expert on bees.

When the sun set, the honey bees settled down and clustered back around the hives. That made it easy for the workers to load them onto a new truck and take them to their final destination.

Any residual bees are likely to cluster on nearby trees and bushes overnight, until they’re removed by Davis in the morning and taken to a local bee farm.