Freddie Kitchens was sad to see Browns stadium empty in January – (News)

Freddie Kitchens was sad to see Browns stadium empty in January –


The Browns haven’t played in a playoff game since 2002, but new head coach Freddie Kitchens is looking for more than just a return to the postseason.

It has been 24 years since the city of Cleveland has hosted a postseason game and Kitchens said on Wednesday that seeing an empty stadium in January leaves him in a blue mood.

“Yeah, that’s the only goal,” Kitchens said, via “The only goal is to play at home in January. I said that after the press conference. We walked out into the bleachers and did an interview out there and I was like, ‘this is sad to see the stadium empty in January. We should have people working to get the stadium ready for Sunday.”

Kitchens later clarified to say that the team has goals beyond hosting a playoff game. That would be winning a Super Bowl, of course, and the hope is that Baker Mayfield is the quarterback that can finally lead the franchise to that point.

Kitchens said Mayfield is “nowhere near where he’s going to be and where we’d like to get him,” which makes one offseason focus obvious. The coach added that they’d see where they are in January with that process and Kitchens’ first season as the head coach will be a massive success if the answer is getting ready for a home game.