Frank Ragnow missed only snap because of exploding shoe – (News)

Frank Ragnow missed only snap because of exploding shoe –

As we are, to this moment, the very last media entity to publish a Zion Williamson item, it was incumbent upon us to catch up.

Because exploding athletic shoes aren’t limited to college basketball stars in the biggest game of the year.

Via Matt Schoch of the Detroit News, Lions guard Frank Ragnow missed his only snap of his rookie season because of a shoe malfunction of his own.

Ragnow went down in the next to last game of the season against the Vikings, when his sole escaped the rest of his left shoe. They were initially worried he had injured his left ankle (after he missed time in college because of a high ankle sprain), but were relieved he just needed to change shoes with the help of the athletic training staff.

“I’m not really sure how they’re put together there, but I know there’s probably a lot of force working through them,” coach Matt Patricia said. “I was more concerned about if he had hurt himself on the play. The ankle injury and all the rest of it, sometimes when those things stick wide like that, I just wanted to make sure his foot was OK.”

Fortunately for Ragnow, he was fine. Coupled with being a guard for the Lions, it also allowed him to escape the full brunt of the hot take-industrial complex.