Fortnite no longer selling NFL skins, for now – (News)

Fortnite no longer selling NFL skins, for now –

Chris Simms

They were here, and now they’re gone.

Less than two weeks after the ultra-popular online video game Fortnite made NFL-based skins available, the NFL-based skins are gone. Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that, despite speculation that the NFL had decided to end the arrangement, the short-term availability of the football-themed digital apparel was planned from the get-go.

“[T]he outfits being in the store for a limited time was all completely planned,” an unnamed source close to the NFL told Kaplan. “If you know Fortnite, you know this is normal course of business for special skins that go in and out of their store. I can say the jerseys will definitely be back this season.”

The NFL is continuing the affiliation even though, as Kaplan points out, images emerged of characters in NFL uniforms with guns, of a character in a Michael Vick’s Falcons uniform with a dog on his back, and of a character in an Aaron Hernandez uniform.

Perhaps the most troubling development, as illustrated by the attached photo, is that someone actually made a Chris Simms character.

Far more troubling for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the fact that, while playing the game, Mahomes was killed by someone wearing a Mahomes jersey. Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill tried to claim responsibility for it.