Forensic expert: Jesus’s Face Recreated After Scientists Analyse Semite Skulls Using “Forensic Anthropology”

Updated: December 16, 2015
Forensic expert: Jesus's Face Recreated After Scientists Analyse Semite Skulls Using Forensic Anthropology

A British forensic expert Richard Neave has recreated the image of Jesus Christ using computerised tomography to recreate the image.

Using a new scientific field known as forensic anthropology, British scientists teamed up with Israeli archaeologists to create a computer-generated picture to show what the Son of God may have looked like.

The Mirror reports the striking image was created by Richard Neave, a retired medical artist from the University of Manchester, who used forensic anthropology usually used to solve crimes.

“I made a plaster cast of the skull which gives me something to work on,” Neave told the BBC.

“Then I put clay over it and, using soft tissue measurements, build up the anatomy of the face,” he said. “Inevitably there are some areas where you have to speculate, particularly if parts of the skull are missing.”

He used the fact that before Christ’s death, Judas Iscariot had to tell the soldiers who Jesus was because they could not tell him apart from his disciples.

The only conclusion was he had dark eyes and the research team decided that Jesus had dark eyes, hair and skin, like his counterparts and was bearded in the Jewish tradition.

Neave and his research team were provided with Semite skulls which they created X-ray “slices” from and used computers to establish the muscles and skin on a typical Semite skull.

They also concluded that he was only around 150 centimetres tall and had short hair, probably with tight curls.

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