Florida Woman Shot With Arrows : Gloria Watkins found dead with arrows in head, son charged with murder

Updated: December 1, 2014
Florida Woman Shot With Arrows : Gloria Watkins found dead with arrows in head; son charged with murder

Florida police charged a man with murder on Sunday after the body of his mother was discovered slouched over a couch, with arrows protruding from the dead woman’s head. According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office news release and the arrest report, 42-year-old Michael Watkins murdered his mother, 65-year-old Gloria Watkins, with a bow and arrow inside of the Avon Lane home they shared in Mary Esther, Florida.

Watkins allegedly pointed to his mother, who was slumped in a chair, and told authorities: “You see that? That’s death,” the AP reported, citing an arrest report in the case. He allegedly told police he killed his mother because she “stole his diamonds and also gave his father cancer,” the AP reported. WALA said Watkins gave a number of reasons for the killing. The AP added the son also said he had to kill his mother because she was trying to kill him.

Police had to subdue Watkins with a stun gun after he failed to comply with orders to get on the ground and brandished a knife, the AP reported. Watkins is facing resisting arrest in addition to the murder charges, according to CBS Miami.

Watkins allegedly said he shot his mother three times in the head, shot her with a bow and arrow and a handgun and then stabbed her, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News, which cited the police report.

A neighbor said the community of Mary Esther is a quiet place.

“Nothing like this has happened — not anybody being killed,” neighbor Michael Troccoli told the paper. Trocolli said Michael Watkins moved in with his mother about a year ago to help take care of her.

“He seemed like an everyday person — pretty friendly,” Troccoli said. “I’m kind of shocked.”