Fleet officially draw 20,000 (unofficially, not so much) – (News)

Fleet officially draw 20,000 (unofficially, not so much) –


With the AAF’s TV production adroitly employing low angle shots aimed at not showing large swaths of empty seats, it’s often hard to tell how many fans are, or aren’t, attending the games. Obviously, the new league would like to create the impression that the games are well attended, because it’s hard for a TV viewer to get all that excited about watching games that no one bothers to watch in person.

On a couple of instances (Week One in Arizona, Week Two in Memphis), images from the sites of the game have revealed a very sparse crowd. Last night in San Diego, the official paid attendance didn’t seem to match the unofficial eyeball test.

Officially, the paid attendance for the game between the Atlanta Legends and the San Diego Fleet came in at 20,019. Unofficially, well, look for yourself.

There’s a decent crowd (more than Week One in Arizona or Week Two in Memphis), but it sure doesn’t look like 20,019.

Those who were there to see the game nevertheless got to see in person the ultimate no-look pass from San Diego quarterback Philip Nelson.