Fisherman rescued after two weeks at sea missing again

Fisherman rescued after two weeks at sea missing again

A fisherman who was rescued last year after spending 12 days missing at sea vanished again when his fishing boat capsized off Hawaii.

Kenneth Corder and his friend Ron Ingaham left to go fishing at around four last night in Corders fishing boat. At about midnight two big waves struck the boat send the 2 fishermen over-board.

“Fishing was good, coming home wasn’t,” says Fisherman Kenneth Munchkin Corder.

An understatement if there ever was one from Kenneth Munchkin Corder. A seven-hour fishing trip off Lanai quickly became harrowing.

“We stopped fishing at 11 o’clock, cleaned up picked up the anchor and started heading for home at 12-12:05, and at 12:15 the boat was up on the rocks,” says Corder.

Corder says both he and his friend Ron Ingraham were thrown into the water and were clinging to life rings and floating debris.

“I went to go swim for the e-perb and told him I’d be right back. When I got back, the e-ring was gone and the piece of wood was gone,” says Corder

For nearly three hours, Corder watched in anguish as the Coast Guard hovered above in -H-65 Dolphin Helicopters trying to find him and his friend.

“Watching them go in circles around me and looking up on the cliffs looking for me and my friend and all that, that was a little too much for me,” says Corder.

At around 3:20 this morning, they spotted him.

“We hoisted down our rescue swimmer and he did an assessment then proceeded to do 2 basket hoists one with the survivor and then picked up our rescue swimmer,” says Lt. Daniel Judycki USCG Helicopter pilot.

Corder is safe but Ingraham might not be. However,he has survived an ordeal at sea before. In December of last year his boat was overpowered
by high winds as he attempted to enter Lanai’s Kaumalapau Harbor, he was rescued 12 days later.

Corder hopes there’s another rescue in his friend’s future. If not, this will haunt him.

“Now I wish I didn’t take him fishing but he’s my friend, he wanted to go boat riding, he wanted to go catch some fish. I wasn’t going to tell him no,” says Corder.

Corder has been fishing on the same boat in the same waters since 1988. After this incidents he says his fishing career is now over.