Fenway Park Ski Jump: Snowboarders, skiers set to take over Fenway Park for unique ‘Big Air event’

Updated: February 11, 2016
Fenway Park Ski Jump: Snowboarders, skiers set to take over Fenway Park for unique Big Air event

The first-ever International Ski Federation (FIS) Freestyle Skiing Big Air World Cup is set for Boston’s Fenway Park on Friday (February 12).

Big Air is a variation of Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding. In Slopestyle, riders tackle an entire course of obstacles. Big Air isolates a major jump, where participants are given a chance to nail a single trick. At Fenway, the track extends from the outfield warning track to home plate.

The snowboarders will go Thursday at 8 p.m., and the skiers will go at the same time Friday. Both events will be broadcast on NBCSN.

This event promises to be a good preview of things to come, as Big Air will be an Olympic event for the first time at the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

1. Top of the hill

Topping out at 140 feet, this giant ramp is almost four times as high as the Green Monster in left field. Towering over the center field scoreboard, this is where the competitors start.

2. The jump

A sharp, 14-foot jump has been constructed about halfway down the ramp. Competitors launch from it, and have a chance to complete one trick. Bold riders may approach the jump skiing backward.

3. Moment of truth

When they’re airborne, the competitors will have to clear a 70-foot gap. There will be plenty of flips and spins. Creativity is a must. Riders approach 40 mph coming down the ramp.

4. Landing zone

Finishing cleanly is an important part of Big Air, and there are 150,000 reasons these riders will all be trying to stick the landing. Grand prize is a $150,000 purse.

5. Elevator

It’s no chairlift, but perhaps the most important part of the ramp is the makeshift elevator. Lugging a snowboard up 14 flights of stairs would be no picnic.

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