Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, Leotards and feminity: Muslim gymnast criticised for ‘revealing’ leotard as she wins double-gold

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi : Muslim gymnast slammed for wearing 'revealing' leotard

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, muslim gymnast criticised by religious leaders for wearing ‘revealing’ leotard.

While conservative groups in the Muslim majority country criticized her for breaking Islamic dress code by wearing a leotard – a customary costume for gymnasts all over the world – people on Facebook vilified her for exposing her “aurat” (genitalia) by wearing an “obscene” and “revealing” outfit during the international sports event.

“If Muslim women want to participate in gymnastics, they have to find outfits which cover the ‘aurat’ and this, in turn, might not be suitable for the sport,” said senior Islamic cleric Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, suggesting that gymnastics is not an appropriate sport for Muslim women.

The head of the female wing of the National Muslim Youth Association in Malaysia, Roszida Kamaruddin, reportedly said: “Women should not be stopped from sports, but they must prioritize the Islamic codes in sports attire.”

However, despite the overwhelming criticism, thousands of sports fans and fellow Muslims have spoken out in support of the 21-year-old – including Malaysia’s Minister for Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin, who commended Hadi for making the nation proud.

  • Kim

    Just when you think these people can’t get any more crazier…

  • hughjorgan

    shit I like how she shows off that gorgeous body and wtf is wrong with them they murder kids and innocent people all the time and a little cheek or crotch shot is going to offend them lol wow

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  • Rodeo Clowntown

    And The Idiot in Chief wants to appease these fascists with a “Spring.”

  • John R.

    Whats a little vagina amongst friends?
    Kids’ a doll. Leave her the fuck alone.

  • on the other hand

    kick em in the century they are stuck in

  • TM Martin

    What’s she supposed to wear in competition then? A hijab?

  • LindyLou

    Everyone has the wrong focus. Really, there SHOULD NOT be any comments regarding body parts, etc. For even in support, if all we mention is the sexuality of this young woman and her intimate body parts are we NOT JUST AS GUILTY in the sexualization of a talented routine in gymnastics? The focus should be on her strength, her grace in movement and dance, her balance…….

  • Timmy

    You can’t wear stuff like that because it provokes men to rape you which in turn they will beat and behead you for…not the men. You can’t draw pics of Muhammad or you will provoke muslims to blow you up. oh wait, the portrait thing was from the AMERICAN LIB PRESS aka extremist.