New Jersey family of eight wins $429.6 million powerball Jackpot

Family Wins $429.6 Million Powerball Jackpot - Watch
Family Wins $429.6 Million Powerball Jackpot - Watch

New Jersey family wins $429.6 Million Powerball jackpot.

A mother and her seven adult children will split the $429.6 million (USD) Powerball jackpot. The Smith family stepped forward to claim the prize during a news conference at the New Jersey Lottery headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Valerie Arthur says that the ticket was purchased by her 70-year-old mother, Pearlie Smith. The money will be shared among Smith and her seven adult children.

Pearlie Smith spent $6 for two tickets for drawings held last Wednesday and Saturday. Lottery officials say they chose the smaller lump sum payment over the higher valued annuity. So the $6 investment will yield $284 million before taxes. Split eight ways, that’s about $35.5 million apiece.

Arthur says the family has hired attorneys to help them plan and will take a trip to their usual family vacation spot.