Explosion at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport: ‘four injured, suspect hospitalized’

Updated: June 12, 2016
Explosion at Shanghai's Pudong Airport: four injured, suspect hospitalized

A small explosion at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport on Sunday afternoon left four people injured. The explosion reportedly was caused by a man who threw a beer bottle containing explosive materials, after which he stabbed himself in the neck.

The blast at China’s second-busiest airport appears to have been caused by a home-made explosive, the airport’s management said on its verified microblog account.

It said the three injured people were taken to a hospital but gave no word about their condition. There was no disruption to flights in or out of the airport.

Footage shared on social media allegedly shows people running for cover after the explosion, although it is worth noting that this footage had not been verified by police or local media.

Ni Bowen, who had been waiting to check into his Philippine Airlines flight when the explosion happened, said passengers ran for safety after a loud bang rocked the hall.

“At that moment, a beer bottle filled with white smoke rolled right by my feet. I was scared and made off at once,” said Ni, 30, who works for a machinery manufacturer.

Pudong serves international flights but is also a hub for two major domestic airlines.