Ex-WalMart CEO’s plane makes emergency parachute landing “Watch”

Ex-WalMart CEO's plane makes emergency parachute landing - Watch

A small plane piloted by former Walmart CEO Bill Simon made an emergency landing on a Fayetteville street in front of the local high school Tuesday morning.

The plane hit a pickup truck as it made a low-speed landing near a “No Parking” sign on Arkansas 16, which is also known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

The highway is five lanes wide, broad enough to accommodate a small plane if no other traffic is present.

The driver of the pickup, identified as Shakemia Harris, suffered what police described as non-life-threatening injuries.

“We understand from news reports that (Simon) and his passengers have minor injuries, and we are thankful that everyone is okay,” Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogelman said.

“We think the world of Bill Simon and are grateful for his service to Baylor and the time he takes to share his business experience with our students,” she said”

The plane developed an oil-pressure problem after taking off just before 10 a.m. Tuesday from Bentonville Municipal Airport.

Simon was attempting to reach an airport in Fayetteville when the plane’s oil pressure dropped severely, so he deployed the emergency airframe parachute, which is stowed behind the passenger compartment of the single-engine Cirrus SR22T.

He told The Associated Press that he decided to land the plane after its oil system failed, and relied on his training to bring the plane down relatively safely.

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate.