Erin Andrews: “Sportscaster” seeks $75M in Nashville hotel peeping case

Updated: October 19, 2015
Erin Andrews: Sportscaster seeks $75M in Nashville hotel peeping case

Erin Andrews wants $75 million after a 2008 incident at a Nashville hotel where she says a stalker was given access to film her through a door peephole, new court documents say.

Erin Andrews is suing Marriott on the basis of “negligence and invasion of privacy,” The Hollywood Reporter says. Employees at the hotel in Nashville allowed the man to request a room next to hers, thus revealing her location to the stalker. Andrews was in Nashville as an employee of ESPN, covering a Vanderbilt University Commodores football game. He also shot video of her in Columbus, OH.

Her initial lawsuit asked for $10 million dollars and was changed this week, Sports Illustrated reports, after attorneys for the hotel asked Andrews to clarify her lawsuit and how much money she was seeking. Her suit names Marriott International, Windsor Capital Group, and her stalker as claimants. The trial is expected to begin in Nashville on February 22, 2016.