Erik Burkhardt announces that he’s representing Kyler Murray – (News)

Erik Burkhardt announces that he’s representing Kyler Murray –


Football player Kyler Murray officially has a football agent.

Honored to represent the the Best Athlete on the Planet,” agent Erik Burkhardt declared Tuesday morning on Twitter.

That’s quite a bold statement, but Burkhardt will be compensated to accomplish something bold over the next two months, in the hopes of getting Murray drafted as high as possible. Of course, it’s possible that Murray’s objective will be to land not in the highest possible draft slot but with the right team. Whatever the goal, Burkhardt’s task will be to make it happen.

Ultimately, Burkhardt will need to have the trust of the team that prepares to write Murray’s name on a draft card. That team won’t want to be left high and dry, and when that team asks Burkhardt to promise that Murray will sign a contract if drafted, Burkhardt needs to be able to provide an answer on which he’ll be able to deliver.

Otherwise, his own credibility will be undermined moving forward.