Erie County to spring for $3 million in Bills stadium upgrades – (News)

Erie County to spring for $3 million in Bills stadium upgrades –

The Bills are moving closer to some tough decisions about their stadium. For now, the powers-that-be in Erie County are slapping a Band-Aid on Buffalo’s current home venue.

Via, the county will spend $3 million on upgrades at New Era Field, including a new playing surface.

“This will be the latest and greatest updated field,” Erie County Public Works Commissioner William Geary said, per

The work comes at a time when the Bills are considering their options for the place where they will be playing.

“Year six of the 10-year lease, we’re looking at just under $3 million worth of work and that’s various improvements to the stadium, from some as simple as painting and concrete repairs, site improvements,” Geary said. “The big ticket price project this year is we’re replacing the turf and track on the main field.”

When Terry and Kim Pegula purchased the team from the estate of franchise founder Ralph Wilson, it was presumed that the team would not move, under any circumstances. As the clock ticks on the facility that opened 46 yers ago, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen to Western New York’s football obsession over the long haul.

Hopefully, the team will stay put. But with nearly 10 percent of the league’s teams moving in the past three years, it’s clear that businesspeople ultimately will make the best business decisions, even if it means giving the current home market the business.