Eric Reid takes issue with article on Panthers’ website regarding Colin Kaepernick – (News)

Eric Reid takes issue with article on Panthers’ website regarding Colin Kaepernick –

The Panthers have engaged in a public debate regarding quarterback Colin Kaepernick, sort of.

Six days after lawyer Mark Geragos suggested that the Panthers may sign Kaepernick, Bill Voth of addressed the issue in a Q&A column. One specific comment caught the attention of Panthers safety Eric Reid.

“Kaepernick hasn’t been on a field in two seasons,” Voth initially wrote, “he lost his starting job at Blaine Gabbert at the start of 2016 and is 32-32 all-time as a starter.”

Reid correctly pointed out the flaw in Voth’s logic regarding Kaepernick: “He didn’t lose his job to Blaine. He was coming off of three surgeries and needed more time to heal. Once healed, he started again. No more false narratives in 2019 please.”

Reid is right, and the fact that Voth passed along one of the various false Kaepernick narratives demonstrates how deeply rooted they’ve become. To the team’s credit, the language in question was later revised to say that Kaepernick “briefly saw his starting job go to Blaine Gabbert after dealing with shoulder soreness ahead of the 2016 season.”

While the revision still understates the impact of a trio of surgeries on Kaepernick’s preparedness to start in 2016, it’s better than sticking with the incorrect characterization that Gabbert, who remains gainfully employed by an NFL franchise, won an open competition with Kaepernick. Gabbert definitely didn’t.

None of this changes the fact that Kaepernick has been shunned by the NFL’s 32 teams, or that the shunning likely will continue. Regardless of whether the Panthers or any other team accurately or inaccurately lists the reasons for his unemployment, it would be a surprise if the Panthers or any other team gives him a job.