Eric Hites : 560-Pound Man Biking Across US To Lose Weight

Updated: July 23, 2015
Eric Hites : 560-Pound Man Biking Across US To Lose Weight

Eric Hites resolved to make his 40th year on Earth a little bit better.

He weighed 560 pounds and decided he needed to do something so save his life and his marriage.

Eric Hites is trying to lose hundreds of pounds with a simple trip, biking across the United States, The Newport Daily News reported.

Hites told the paper that turning 40 was one part of what started his mission to health, but more importantly Hites said it was his failing relationship with his wife, and the need to get a good job to start a new life with her.

But the Rhode Island man has already hit a roadblock in his trip only 90 miles from the beginning.

Eric Hites bent a wheel on his bike, NBC News reported.

Newport Bicycle is coming to Hites’s rescue, outfitting him with a new bike that can hold his weight.

He estimated that his trip would take about four months, but now with his speed, he thinks it could take the rest of the year, WJAR reported.

Hites currently wears size 70 pants and a 10x T-shirt, The Newport Daily News reported.

How did he get so big? He told The Newport Daily News that he drank too many soft drinks, did not exercise and smoked cigarettes during his late-night disk jockey gigs.

But the good news is, he’s already lost 60 pounds during his trip.

So when he is on the road, how does he carry all of the stuff needed to survive, while still riding only a bicycle? He told WJAR that he built a trailer to haul a tent and other needs.