Emma Watson UN position : Actress Gives Another UN Speech, Restores Our Faith In Humanity

Emma Watson UN position : Actress Gives Another UN Speech, Restores Our Faith In Humanity

Emma Watson UN position – Report, actress became emotional as she told a captivated audience at Davos of the overwhelming response she’s received since she launched the #HeForShe campaign in September.

The HeForShe campaign’s IMPACT 10X10X10 initiative is a one-year project that aims to work with governments, big corporations and universities that are in positions to have huge influence on women’s empowerment and gender equality.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2014 confirmed that there is still a large gap between men and women in terms of political engagement and workplace equality and that little has changed since 2006.

With that in mind, the global leaders of HeForShe’s new initiative are made up of key influencers from the worlds of politics, business and education. They include: Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands; President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone; Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden; Mr. Paul Polman, CEO and Chairman of Unilever; Rick Goings, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tupperware Brands Corporation; and Dennis Nally, Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd.

‘The groundswell of response we have received in support for HeForShe tells us we are tapping into what the world wants: to be a part of change. Now we have to channel that energy into purposeful action. The pilot initiative provides that framework. Next we need all country leadership, as well as that of hundreds of universities and corporations to follow HeForShe’s IMPACT 10x10x10 so as to bring an end to the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally,’ said Emma Watson at the World Economic Forum.

HeForShe is a solidarity movement that calls upon men and boys to stand up against the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally.

Watch Emma Watson’s incredible HeForShe speech below…

  • BS

    How did humanity ever manage to get through a day without Emma Watson’s words?

  • Lucy Saw

    I am really sick of actresses being set up as ‘ambassadors’ and ‘spokespeople’ for issues they don’t really work with and have little experience save her childhood stories of not being allowed to direct her high school play. Her little sad sack story from childhood sounds ridiculous in the face of what poor women have to deal with around the world, they’re being killed, raped and maimed and here she is referencing high school.

    • Mark B

      Oh so she cannot use her position and influence to fix the problem – apparently you haven’t bothered to try as hard.

  • Mike g

    Shut up and act!

    • Mark B

      Please take your misogyny somewhere else

      • Mike g

        Ah, a label!
        Maybe if I said “Shut up and make me a Sandwich and get me a Beer” that would have been “misogyny”.

        • Mark B

          Do you want glass in the sandwich and lettuce in the beer?

  • Maloha

    I guess her qualification lies in the fact that she has a vagina. Lord knows she didn’t pick up vast stores of knowledge and experience in the subject via the University track or life experience.

    Interesting how the liberal elites love to turn Hollywood persona’s into political posters/caricatures.

    So sad.

    • distachio

      “Lord knows she didn’t pick up vast stores of knowledge and experience in the subject via the University track or life experience.”

      I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you on your main point about Hollywood, but you do realize she’s a graduate of Brown University, with a BA in English literature, yes?

      • Don B Cooper

        whoopity do da

        • distachio

          Well, the OP *did* imply that she was minimally educated. On the contrary, she went to and graduated from an Ivy League university.

      • Maloha

        Let’s s see…I’m a world famous actress with nothing to do between movie roles and have millions……might as well go to school….what’s the best University I can buy my way into…an easy degree that allows me to skate…..Brown….accepted the devil’s bargin….$ and press in exchange for a degree hand out. I see no difference between her and Brown’s actions and big time football factories.

        • distachio

          Ah. I had no idea you were her personal biographer. Carry on.

          • Maloha

            Nope…just someone with an opinion….like you.

          • distachio

            Fair enough.

    • Mark B

      What are your qualifications – do you have a misogynistic penis?

  • Comply DontDie

    What a bunch of nasty, obnoxious, rude comments towards a nice lady trying to do good. Get a life. Maybe Emma is also concerned about women who have to wrap turbans around their whole body or be executed. The world is a bigger place than your hood. She’s doing more than you are, you back-seat sloths. You rock, Emma, and you are a beautiful person, inside and out.
    Two weird words to stop police aggression: yes sir.

    • mastema

      people are scared.

  • sootheater .

    If she does not spend the whole speech on radical Islam then it has little meaning. Clitoral mutilation, girls being sold into marriage, and generally being treated like cattle. The non-Muslim world on the other hand is obsessed with women’s rights. Then again, she would be tossed out of the UN for offending half their constituents.

    • Mark B

      There is a real problem in the US – dufus. Bit hard to tell the Muslims what to do when you aren’t a good example yourselves

  • Don B Cooper

    What exactly qualifies this young punany to speak on world affairs?

    • Mark B

      She can speak and not be a jerk like you.

  • I’ll stand up for you when you stand up for me. When you get yourself in front of the UN and complain that men get less life than women, then I’ll listen to you. I don’t see why I should care about feminists’ problems when they don’t care about mine.

    • Mark B

      What problem do you have apart from being rude and arrogant?

      • Okay… Are you actually reading comments, or just posting at random? Are you a bot? I identified a problem in my text: “Men get less life than women.” Write a post that’s not entirely an ad hominem attack and try again.

        • Mark B

          What can she do about your problem with evolution?

          • This problem is due to evolution? Says who?
            This is what I’m talking about. Men’s problems are just natural consequences of the universe, that men must toughen up and deal with. But women’s problems are huge issues that must be fixed. Oh, and anyone who says otherwise is “rude and arrogant” (according to you, anyway).
            Screw that. Feminists don’t care about men’s problems, and they don’t care about gender equality. When they do, I’ll start listening to them.

          • Mark B

            What an arrogant ignorant comment. What’s up too few women where you work to hassle with sexist comments?

          • Yeah, you already said that. You gonna actually post an argument or just whine that I don’t agree with you?

          • Mark B

            The facts regarding employment of women speak for themselves. They are paid less for the same jobs and harassed out of many others.

          • My point is that while women’s issues get all this attention, men’s issues are deliberately ignored by feminists (e.g., you). Are you just trying to demonstrate my point?

            Again, when feminists care about my problems, then I’ll care about theirs. I’ll care that women make less in the workplace when society stops expecting men to buy things for women.

          • Mark B

            What problems do men have? They get more money, more jobs..

          • I already mentioned two issues: 1.) Men get less life, arguably the most important issue that could possibly exist, 2.) Men are expected to buy things for women.
            Are you paying any attention?

          • Mark B

            Men get less life because they don’t look after themselves and the second item is ridiculous.

          • Are you trying to make my point for me? Once again: “My point is that while women’s issues get all this attention, men’s issues are deliberately ignored by feminists (e.g., you).”

            Your response is to say that the issues I raised don’t matter. Perhaps you’re not the tactician you think you are.

          • Mark B

            Since neither has anything to do with discrimination and are both in your control – you really are lame.

          • Dying from medical ailments or being killed are not in my control. This is so incredibly obvious, that I don’t know why I have to point it out.

            Didn’t you open up by bitching about how I’m rude? “you really are lame” Wow.

            And for the third time: Are you trying to prove my point?

          • Mark B

            You have a really strange view of life if you don’t think you have some control over medical ailments and being killed. Smoking and riding a Harley with no helmet on icy streets are pretty clearly the wrong way to go.

          • I’m not arguing your ridiculous example there. Men have a lower life expectancy than women. The end. There’s nothing else that needs said.

          • Mark B

            I’d suggest picking new parents. My father lived into his 90’s despite smoking, being shot and being gassed.

          • I have a really hard time believing your father is 90, as I have a really hard time believing you’re much older than 12. And “gassed”? Gassed with what?

            That’s besides the point. You’ve suggested that men have a lower life-expectancy because they “don’t take care of themselves.” Now you’re suggesting it’s due to genetics…which you also suggested before. Which is it? Do you even know?

          • Mark B

            Past tense “lived”. Gassed with poison gas in war and shot with bullets.

            Men who don’t take care of themselves do live shorter lives as clearly indicated by professional football players. And YES it can also be due to genetics.

          • I’m not going to bother explaining the math describing how “‘lived,’ past tense” is irrelevant to my assertion that I think you are a youngster.

            According to you:
            Men live shorter lives, because they don’t take care of themselves.
            Women are paid less, because of discrimination.

            Again, are you trying to prove my point? To feminists (that’s you): Men’s problems are their own fault, whereas women’s problems are due to injustice. Why do you think this? By your reasoning, I should assume that women are paid less because they are less effective workers.

          • Mark B

            Your reasoning is wrong. Women are paid less because of prior biases. They have trouble getting certain jobs because of biases. They don’t take certain jobs because of male behavior.

          • But I didn’t ask you to comment on my reasoning. I asked you to state why one inequality must be a product of bias, while another (greater) inequality must be the victim’s fault. Explain this.

          • Mark B

            Not “must be” – just IS. Men are macho and do stupid stuff – including making life hard for women.

          • You going to give any reasoning for any of this, or just post your bigoted remarks as a priori?

          • Mark B

            Well excuse the f*** moi. Quoting facts is not “bigotry”. Bigotry is discriminating against a set of people based on incorrect facts or opinions.

          • “Men are macho and do stupid stuff” is not a fact. That is a judgment. A fact is an objective observation. I can’t believe I have to point that out. Again, I’m not going to accept your bigoted facts as a priori; if you want to make a statement, you have to back it up.

          • Mark B

            It’s the definition of macho. Men provably do stupid stuff around women as court records show.


          • As court records show? Okay, prove it. Go on, prove it.

          • If men do stupid stuff around women, maybe it’s women’s fault.

          • Come on. I’m waiting for your exhaustive study of court records to prove the legal concept of “macho” in men…and this that somehow proves that men deserve to die earlier than women.
            I know you can’t prove this, but even if you did, it wouldn’t matter. My point all along has been that feminism is not about gender equality; it’s about ignoring problems that men face while blaming women’s issues on men.

          • I suppose you have some logically insipid answer for men being forced into military service, men being forced to care for children they don’t want, men being forced to pay alimony, men committing suicide at far greater rates than women, men making up a larger portion of the homeless, and men being forced to undergo involuntary genital modification? Once you’re done fumbling around for some proof that men are “macho” and therefore deserve to die, we’ve got miles of more road to cover.

          • Mark B

            Seems like so many men you are just a whiner.

          • So many humans like you are incapable of critical thought. Note that your reply, white bluntly trollish, does not answer any of the challenges I raised. Are you going to answer them? Shall I repost them for you?

          • Mark B

            Thanks for projecting – I am very capable of critical thought but this subject has been clearly discussed elsewhere in great detail.

          • Is that a joke? You confuse observations with conclusions, and thus I accuse you of not thinking critically. In response, you ignore my rebuttals…and point me to blogs that someone else has written. Oh wow, you can let other people do your thinking for you! If I want to go argue with the authors of those blogs, I will. If I want to make a troll dance, I’ll click Reply under your name.

            -Prove that men are “macho” and thus deserve to die.
            -Show the research you’ve done into court cases to prove this.
            -Explain how you are in ANY way disproving my point: That feminists–as exemplified by you–don’t care about men’s problems.

          • Also:
            -Once you’re done proving that men are “macho” from your court records, further describe philosophically why this means that they deserve less life than women. Argue from a moral standpoint why men in their natural state deserve less life than women in their natural state.

          • If women’s problems are men’s fault, why are men’s problems not women’s fault?

          • Mark B

            Because they aren’t

  • Hannibal Is at the Gates

    Feminism has become an unpopular word because of certain women. For instance, a girl at work did the same job as me at a fish store. She didnt want to get dirty or ruin her nails, but demanded to be paid the same wage as me who cleaned fish tanks, took out trash, ect. She was basically coddled and given the ability to be on the cash register. She to was a proclaimed “feminist”.

    My basic point, Change yourself and those around you before you try to change the world. Its your own feminists who are the issue, and who are creating this image about themselves.

    Also we need to understand that there are vast differences between males and females. Mentally, physically, and socially. Women handle things different then men, they interact differently with same and opposite sex.

    As for equal pay, if you can do my job as well as me. Then you get the same pay. If you do it better, you get more pay. Simple as that.

    Though i do agree with her and male imprisonment of roles. Crying is weakness. We need to stand against anything and never shutter, never cry, never whine. If we do, were b!tches and weak.

    Overall the human race has ALOT of change it needs to make. Gender equality is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • picomanning

      The issue of ‘gender equality’ is a created issue. Identified by the far left socialists. Consider the other ‘social issues’ that have evolved since communism, socialism, liberalism, defined them. Consider now, whether these social issues have been solved. The war on poverty failed. A woman’s right to choose? Gee, what a clever way to destroy black America. Gay equality? Great, let’s see what happens to our culture and military. It seems as if the social issues were designed to break down the family and break down Christian values. So what’s to look forward to as the left ‘succeeds’ with all this destruction? More government, more control, more social issues. All problems in America and around the rest of the declining world will lead to bigger government solutions. We as so close to being finished. What fools so many of us have become who tolerate these BS issues.

  • picomanning

    Emma is 24. She’s had a very privileged life and has made more money than 99.9% of women. Surely it’s difficult to imagine a less buffeted or ‘life experienced’ woman for this position. Could it be she’s merely a tool for those who undoubtedly will be ‘advising’ her? Certaily there are thousands of women around the world who have successfully struggled against the odds of survival and gender bias who can relate to this issue with much greater grasp and depth then Emma.
    What the hell’s going on here??? And Emma, wake up!!!

  • Nungman

    Emma, babykins, you’re so cute when you try to act serious.
    Heed your agent’s advice and just flash a little boob if you’re worried the public doesn’t know you’re all…grown…up!