Elijah Holyfield: Running back, son of “Evander Holyfield” commits to UGA

Elijah Holyfield: Running back, son of Evander Holyfield, commits to UGA

Elijah Holyfield, son of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, has announced he will play football at the University of Georgia in 2016.

Holyfield, who was UGA’s main priority at running back, has been silently committed to the school for over a month now.

“I felt like I should do that — just to let the coaches know what I was thinking,” Holyfield said.

The 4-star running back said he has known where he has wanted to attend college for about two months now but needed to visit campus again before silently committing.

“I had to sure up some things recently,” he said. “I’ve had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go for some time now. I’m 100 percent sure that’s where I want to go now.”

Holyfield “secretly” visited UGA a couple of weeks ago because he had not seen the Bulldogs practice before. He also said he wanted to see how UGA running backs coach Thomas Brown interacted with his players and what they thought of him as a coach. He liked what he saw that day.

He did go on a couple more of those secret visits.

Holyfield said it came down to two schools only, but he made his announcement with two small bulldog pups in tow.

The main reason why he made the pick is because it felt like home more so than the other.