Dwyane Wade: LeBron could ‘tie’ Jordan’s greatness, but never pass him

Updated: October 7, 2016
Dwyane Wade: LeBron could 'tie' Jordan's greatness, but never pass him

LeBron James’ “personal goal” to surpass Michael Jordan’s legacy is not achievable, according to his former teammate and good friend Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade offers a unique view on the two NBA greats. As a Chicago native who saw Jordan win six titles and as a two-time champion alongside James, his take on their legacies is legitimate.

So can LeBron surpass MJ?

“No, it’s not possible,” Wade told ESPN with a laugh. “It’s not possible. … The only thing you can do is tie it. There’s no 19th hole.”

The golf reference is based on an analogy he made in a 2012 interview with ESPN.

“My version as LeBron being on par with Michael is this: They’re both on the golf course. Michael’s on the 18th hole; LeBron is somewhere on like the fourth hole,” Wade, now with the Bulls, said at the time. “He’s got a long way to go, but he’s on par to get to the 18th hole.”

Of course, that was before James and Wade won a second championship together in Miami and before James ended Cleveland’s title drought with the Cavaliers last season.

Still, Wade seems pretty sure Jordan and James will end up equals — not one above the other.