Dwight Howard: Rockets Player gets caught using stickum prior to Paul Millsap free throw “Watch”

Updated: March 22, 2016
Dwight Howard: Rockets Player gets caught using stickum prior to Paul Millsap free throw - Watch

The Rockets were called out for Dwight Howard using a Stickum spray in the first quarter on Saturday with official Monty McCutchen replacing the game ball and ordering the Rockets to no longer use the spray.

It turns out, just as Dwight Howard checked into the game and got lined up on the lane, he requested to see the ball from the referee, where you can see him rub his hands all over the ball. As soon as Millsap received it from the official, he knew something was not right.

Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution provided more details of the incident:

Official Monty McCutchen grabbed the ball and went to each bench to issue a warning, saying ‘Stickum is illegal in the NBA.’ After first going to the Hawks bench he made his way toward the Rockets bench. Rockets coach J.B. Bickerstaff slid in front of the can, still at the scorer’s table. McCutchen noted he knew what Bickerstaff was hiding.

No penalty was enforced. The can was then removed from the scorer’s table by a member of the Rockets’ staff. According to one person, the team did not produce the spray can when ask for it later by a league official.

“I’ve never felt the ball like that ever,” Millsap said after the game via Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It was sticky. It was like super glue or something was on there. I couldn’t get it off my hands. It was the weirdest thing ever.”

Dwight Howard couldn’t quite understand why everybody was making a big deal out of the situation. “I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of it,” Howard told the Houston Chronicle. “I do it every game. It’s not a big deal. I ain’t tripping.” Howard also mentioned that he had been using it for the past five years, which, might not be the best thing to say given the situation.