Dwayne Johnson : The Rock Brings Back Rock Obama To SNL

Dwayne Johnson : The Rock Brings Back Rock Obama To SNL

Dwayne Johnson reprised his role as “The Rock Obama” on the March 28 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Johnson played The Rock Obama during “The Rock Obama Cold Open” in which President Obama looses his cool with Republican Senator Ted Cruz, played by Bobby Moynihan; Senator Tom Cotton, played by Kyle Mooney and Speaker John Boehner, played by as Taran Killam; and as he gets angry his shirt rips and he turns into the muscle-bound The Rock Obama. After Michelle Obama, played by Sasheer Zamata, also gets mad and turns into She-Rock Obama, the pair say the iconic words “Live from New York…It’s Saturday Night Live!.”

Johnson who tweeted it was an “electric night” also poked fun at the opening skit with hastags “Don’t make Barack Obama angry” and “He has a very dangerous and beastly alter-ego.”

Johnson also performed in a musical monologue called “Franchise Viagra” in which he joked about his “Fast and the Furious” franchise and wondered what other franchise films he could join, with the help of some female backup singers.

Johnson also starred in a skit about a potential new live-action adaptation of a Disney movie is which The Rock is a “badass Bambi,” Vin Diesel, played by Killam is Thumper, Tyrese Gibson, played by Jay Pharoah, as Flower, and Michelle Rodriguez, played by Cecily Strong, is Faline.