Dwayne Haskins will play Rose Bowl regardless of NFL draft decision – (News)

Dwayne Haskins will play Rose Bowl regardless of NFL draft decision –

Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins could be a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL draft, but he says that’s not a factor in his decision about whether to play in the Rose Bowl.

Haskins says he’ll play in the Rose Bowl regardless as he continues to weigh whether to turn pro or return to Ohio State.

“Just being a quarterback, it’s your job to lead the team,” Haskins said, via Ari Wasserman of The Athletic. “And for you to say you don’t want to play, you’re not about the team or winning or losing. You just want to get out while you can. There was no doubt in my mind about playing in the game because I know I can help this team win. So whether I was thinking about leaving or not, just knowing I have the opportunity to leave is great, but there is no doubt about me playing in the bowl game.”

The number of college players who have announced they will skip their bowl games has now reached double digits, and more and more it’s becoming seen as acceptable and even smart for a player not to risk an injury that could affect his NFL draft status. But there still hasn’t been a quarterback to say he’ll sit out a bowl game. Quarterbacks are expected to be leaders, and a quarterback who doesn’t want to lead his team in a bowl game might be viewed negatively by NFL teams. Haskins understands that.